Academy Tracks

This all-new academy is housed within the beautiful, traditional Bayonne High School – but is anything but traditional in its design. The Academy for Fine Arts and Academics is a dynamic learning environment that encourages students to achieve to their highest potential and to exercise their creative talents.

There are four Track options for 2016-2017 applicants:

Scholars Track

Open to students eager to face a challenging curriculum in all honors level courses (English, History, Math and Science) in preparation for acceptance into our nation’s top colleges and universities. Applicants must meet district guidelines for honors in all four core subjects. (See your school guidance counselor for more details on honors requirements). Scholars Track students follow a rigorous daily schedule of honors level classes and electives. Students in the Scholars Track can designate a focus in either STEM or Humanities, or can continue to explore all possible career options. See the descriptions for STEM and Humanities for more information.

STEM Track

For students demonstrating advanced ability and interest in math and science, with an interest in pursuing a future career in the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM Track applicants must meet district guidelines for honors Math and Science. STEM Track studentsĀ are able to designate a focus in either Engineering Technology, Life Sciences, or Computer Science. Electives are offered in all areas, and STEM faculty help guide students towards a path that best fits their career goals. STEM Track students are able to take part in courses and activities such as the Hudson County Science Fair, Engineering and Robotics Club, Project SEED, Technology Students of America (TSA), Math Madness, the Young Biologist Program, and many others. Advanced courses throughout a student’s high school career may include AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Computer Science, AP Calculus A and B, and other rigorous courses in STEM areas.

Humanities Track

For students demonstrating advanced ability in English, History, Literature and Writing – with an interest in pursuing a future career in a Humanities or Civics field. Applicants must meet district guidelines for honors English and History. Humanities Track students participate in activities like National History Day, The Constitution Competition, Essay Contests, and more. Advanced courses throughout a student’s high school career may include AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP US History, AP European History, AP Psychology, andĀ other rigorous courses.

Arts Track

A unique blend of rigorous academic work and focused study in a specialized arts major, in preparation for college, conservatory and careers in the arts. Majors include: Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Drama, Musical Theater, Dance, Visual Art and Creative Writing. Arts Track students are required to participate in extracurricular programs and activities in line with their chosen major. Students have the opportunity to be take advanced courses in nearly all areas, and to participate in dozens of extracurricular activities such as Art Club, the BHS Drama Society, Dance Company, Honors Chorale, Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band, and many more.

View more details on the Arts Track majors here.

In addition to submitting the AfA2 Application, Arts Track applicants must audition in their art field of choice. (Audition/Portfolio Information here).

Application Process:

Download the application & view application instructions here.

Acceptance into the Academy is based upon multiple criteria, including student academic records, standardized test scores, teacher recommendations. For a list of specific criteria, please see this year’s application.

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