Arts Track Audition/Portfolio Requirements

Please carefully review the requirements for Arts Track Auditions.

The Arts Track Audition/Portfolio Review Day for 8th Grade Applicants for the 2017 – 2018 Academic Year is December 10th, 2016, from 9AM until 2PM.

All applicants will receive a schedule containing their specific audition report time. 

Public School Applicants: Your schedule will be given to you by your school Guidance Counselor

Private School Applicants: Your schedule will be mailed to you on December 2nd. Contact Laura Craig at if you have not received your schedule by December 7th.


For all applicants: Please wear professional dress. You are not required to wear school uniform. If you are auditioning for Dance or Musical Theater, please wear your dance attire under your regular clothing (you will not be provided time to change). 

Dance Audition Requirements

What to Wear:

Leotard, tights, or leggings (no sweaters, bulky clothing, shorts, legwarmers, etc.).

Ladies – no jewelry. Hair should be pulled back.

Bring ballet or jazz shoes if you have them (no dance sneakers). Otherwise, students should be prepared to dance barefoot.

What to Prepare For:

All applicants will participate in a technical warm up led by the Dance Faculty. Students will then be taught a modern dance combination which you will be asked to perform in small groups.

No additional solo work is required.


Musical Theater Audition Requirements

Prepare 32 bars of a song from standard musical theater repertoire that demonstrates your vocal and acting ability, energy and ‘stage presence’! You must provide piano sheet music (music should be hole-punched and in a 3 ring binder).

You will participate in a group dance call. Dress comfortably and ready to dance (no jeans, flip flops, jewelry). Ladies should pull hair back prior to dancing.  Bring dance shoes if you have them. You may wear dance attire under regular clothes if you choose.

Be prepared to do a ‘cold reading’ of a short monologue that will be provided at the audition.


Drama Audition Requirements

Prepare a fully memorized monologue, no longer than one minute long. Your monologue must be from a published play or monologue collection (not from a movie).

Part of the preparation to perform a monologue is in reading the entire play and studying the character who performs your selected monologue. Be prepared to answer questions about the play and monologue that you choose to perform, as well as the character you portray.

Monologue Expectations:

–       piece should be well memorized

–       piece should be performed with specific character choices

–       project your voice loudly and clearly and perform with energy!

Be prepared to do a ‘cold reading’ of a side and/or to participate in acting improv exercises.


Vocal Music Audition Requirements

Use the links below to prepare the required vocal selection. We want you to use your natural voice in this traditional folk music piece. Classical, spiritual, folk and choral music will be the primary repertoire studied as a vocal major in our program, although you will have the opportunity to work on music you select from other genres (like pop, rock, musical theater, jazz, etc.). Your school music teacher will provide assistance as you prepare for your audition!

Download the required piece as a PDF here: Shenandoah – Vocal Major Audition Piece

If you cannot download and print the music, see your school music teacher or email

Here is a track to help you practice:



Fine Art Portfolio Requirements

Please bring a portfolio of 3-5 pieces that demonstrate your current artistic ability. Pieces should be from both school art class or independent work, and should have been completed within the past year. Art applicants should work with their school art teacher to prepare a portfolio. You are encouraged to provide a sketch book (will count as 1 of the submitted pieces).

Applicants will have an interview with Arts staff. You are not required to prepare or bring any additional materials for the interview portion, however be prepared to talk about yourself and your work.

Applicants will complete a still life drawing as part of the interview process. All necessary materials will be provided for you.


Creative Writing Portfolio Requirements

Please bring a portfolio of 3-5 samples of your creative writing ability. Writing examples can include poetry, short story, and/or excerpts from longer works. All works must be clearly labeled with your name and submitted in one folder.

Applicants will respond to a writing prompt and have a brief interview with writing faculty members. Be prepared to talk about yourself and your writing!


Instrumental Music Applicants

*For Guitar & Percussion, see below.

(Instrumental Music applicants should be sure to review the audition requirements with your school music teacher or private instructor in order to best prepare for the audition).

1) Prepare a solo (1-3 minutes) on your primary instrument.

2) Be prepared to sight read a short excerpt.

3) Prepare the following scales on your primary instrument:

Flute:  Bb Major (1 octave), Eb Major (2 octaves), F Major (2 octaves), G Major (1 octave)

Clarinet:  C Major (2 octaves), F Major (2 octaves), Bb Major (2 octaves), Eb Major (1 octave), G Major (1 octave)

Saxophone:  G Major (1 octave), F Major (1 octave), A Major (1 octave), Eb Major (1 octave)

Trumpet:  C Major (1 octave) F Major (1 octave), G Major (1), Eb Major (1)

Trombone:  Bb Major (1 octave), Eb Major (1 octave), F Major (1), G Major (1)

Piano:  All Major Scales

Strings:  D Major (1 octave), G Major (2 octaves), A Major (2 octaves), E Major (1 octave)

*You may be asked to perform scales with varied articulations – slurred or tongued


Prepare a short solo. (Song from a guitar method book, pop/rock song using chords, original song, etc.)

Be prepared to play open position chords: E, Em, A, Am, C, G, D, Dm, F

Guitar applicants MUST be able to read standard music notation for all six strings in open position. Students will be asked to sight read a short passage using standard notation (NOT guitar TABs).

*Please be advised that the guitar program at BHS is a CLASSICAL GUITAR curriculum. Students study classical/fingerstyle guitar technique and repertoire, and in doing so, learn the skills needed to perform various other genres of music.


Prepare to demonstrate at least two of the following:

1) Snare Drum – Prepare a short solo or excerpt and display the following rudiments: buzz roll, single stroke roll, double stroke roll, single paradiddle, Flam, Flam tap, flam accent, single ratamacue

2) Timpani – Prepare a short solo or excerpt

3) Mallet Percussion – Prepare a short solo or excerpt. Be prepared to display all major scales.
4) Drum Set – Display basic patterns in rock, jazz, blues, latin.
Auditioning on an instrument that is not listed? Email lcraig@bboed for instructions.


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