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Can I apply to more than one Track?

Yes. You can apply to one honors track (either Scholars, Humanities, STEM) and to the Arts Track (you can apply for up to two majors within the Arts Track). You may be accepted into one, both, or none of the tracks to which you apply.

Applicants will only be notified of the track(s) to which you are ACCEPTED. Therefore – if you apply to STEM and Arts, but are only accepted into STEM, your admission letter will indicate so. If you are not accepted into either track, you will receive a letter that you were not admitted (but that we encourage you to apply again the following year).

If I am not sure whether I want to do Scholars, STEM or Humanities, but want to be considered for all three options, what should I do?

If you are interested in more than one honors track, but unsure if you will be accepted or will choose to pursue both  – apply to the SCHOLARS track.

If you apply to Scholars, and are accepted into Math & Science, but not English & History, you will automatically be admitted into the STEM Track (and vice-versa for Humanities). You will not be disqualified because you did not meet the criteria for Scholars. Therefore, it is a better choice to apply to Scholars than to just STEM or Humanities, as it covers all of your options.

Additionally, if you apply to Scholars and are accepted, you may choose at a later date to pursue only STEM or Humanities – this choice is entirely up to you if you were originally accepted into all honors.

I am applying to the Arts Track. Do I send in a portfolio or a video of my talent with my application?

No. Submit your application, and wait to receive a letter with instructions regarding the Arts Track audition date & time. You SHOULD begin preparing now, however, and can find the audition/portfolio information for each major here

If I am already in high school, but would like to apply to the Academy, can I?

Yes – current high school students can apply to any of the four Tracks. Students not currently in honors level classes will have to apply and be approved (based on grades, test scores & teacher recommendations) to more into honors courses for the Scholars, STEM or Humanities track. Be sure to download the high school version of the application.

Why is there a designated Academy Wing?

The Academy Wing in Bayonne High School was created in order to foster a small learning environment and promote increased collaboration between students and faculty. Academy students are members of the Bayonne High School community, and a reflection of the diverse community in the city of Bayonne.

What is Zero Period and do I have to take it?

Zero Period is 7:50 – 8:30, Monday through Friday. All Academy students in 9th and 10th grade will take Phys. Ed during zero period. All students are required to attend Zero Period in order to gain additional instructional time each school day. Teacher and peer tutorials will be offered for students who need extra academic help in any subject.

As an Academy student, will I still be able to participate in Bayonne High School clubs, activities, and sports teams?

All Academy students are first and foremost Bayonne High School students. This means all students are able (and encouraged) to participate in ALL Bayonne High School clubs and activities, to compete on BHS sports teams, and to represent Bayonne High School in a positive manner.

What is the uniform policy for the Academy?

Academy students will follow the Bayonne High School uniform policy.

What criteria are applicants evaluated on to determine admission?

All applicants are evaluated on the following criteria:

Student Application (Submission of a complete application – on time)

Personal Essay

Teacher Recommendations

Student Transcript – including grades for up to three years prior.

Standardized Test Scores – including NJASK, PARCC and ACT Aspire

Test of Cognitive Skills, District Assessment Scores, and other in-district assessment data as necessary.

Scholars, STEM or Humanities Track applicants must meet specific criteria in order to be granted placement into honors classes. Students who do not receive teacher recommendations, or demonstrate academic performance, that meet the honors criteria set forth by the district Curriculum Directors will not be accepted.

Arts Track applicants must demonstrate their talent/ability in an audition or portfolio review.

I applied to the Scholars Track but was accepted to either STEM or Humanities. What does that mean?

By applying to Scholars, you applied to all four subject areas for honors. If you met the criteria for some, but not all, of those subjects, you were admitted into the appropriate track. For example, you may have met the criteria for English and History, but not for Math and Science, and therefore been admitted to the Humanities Track.

You will have the opportunity every year within AfA2 to apply to additional honors tracks – so you may be in the Humanities Track in grade 9, but then apply and be accepted into STEM for grade 10.

What can I do if I am not accepted this year?

If you applied to an honors Track, and were not accepted, it may be due to your level of preparedness for the rigor of the honors curriculum. You should speak with your guidance counselor about the steps you can take to advance into honors level courses. Continue to dedicate yourself to your education – and reapply to the program next year!

If you applied to the Arts Track, and were not accepted – speak with your teachers and counselor about areas in which you can approve (grades, discipline, development of arts abilities) and continue to work hard. You can reapply next year!

 Please contact Laura Craig, Program Coordinator, at with any additional questions.

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